People Of Peace in Italy

by admin on January 4, 2015

We recently facilitated a “MissionXP” with a team in Rome, Italy. This week involved PioneerMission into some areas of the city and led upto a community event where the message of the Kingdom was shared…We recently received this report from the team there:
“We’ve been following up with all of the push work we did for the past 3 weeks in Rome including the “B/T” area. Just yesterday we were back at the B/T coffee shop meeting with “M” and “M” our two disciples who are hoping to lead new groups in the area. The meeting with them was very encouraging. They brought a book to “E”, the cafe’ owner called “F” as “E” had expressed his weakness in his relationship with God. As we were meeting at a table in the cafe’ “C”, “E’s” daughter came over to talk with us. She claimed to be an atheist, but, said that one of her Christian friends has told her that she is more “Christian” than those who claim to be Christians. We confirmed that for her and her father and claimed that they are a light in the darkness of that community, to which she hardily agreed. The conversation continued and as we were leaving, “M” invited “C” to continue their discussion of the Bible to which she was very positive. Let’s pray that that comes to fruition.
Also, “E”, who we feel is the real person of peace asked for us to write a message in the book and took my email to keep in touch. I plan to follow up with “E” doing the 7 stories of hope and transitioning the relationship to “M” who can see him regularly and personally.
“M” and “M” have made several attempts at meeting with the 4 girls who asked to be prayed for and expressed interest in continuing the spiritual conversation. To date, they haven’t been able to meet. However, it is “M” and “M’s” intention to start meetings at the cafe’ that hopefully will lead to groups growing and new groups forming. After our meeting with them at the cafe yesterday they were very encouraged.
In the past week we have also visited the other cafe where “V” (from NC) had made a friendship with the owner’s daughter, “M”. We have gotten to know the owners, and started spiritual conversations with them, but, haven’t seen much interest to follow through.
I have taken the opportunity to meet with two pastors of two very vibrant churches and shared the “Love Out Loud” event and how they could use it in their respective church settings. Both churches have an abundance of talent and mature believers that can help put events on and do the follow up to start new groups. Both pastors are enthusiastic about the idea and at least one of them might be contacting you in the coming days.
With regard to our 4 Thanksgiving dinners, we have uncovered at least 4 new persons of peace, even being invited to have dinner with one’s family at their home. 2 of these will be followed up by a couple we have discipled “F” and “A”. Another two will be followed up by me, on a long distance basis.
In one of the dinner groups are three women we had just started a  DMT group before we left Rome in April 2014. They expressed interest to continue and we are working on having one of our Italian ministry partners continue the group. They know this gal and have done group with her before and look forward to continuing.
Through it all we’ve seen existing disciples take responsibility, get encouraged and come to understand better how to reach new people for Christ.”
If you’d like to host a MissionXP in your area or city then please contact us


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